A very simple and lightweight redirect gateway.
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Luna’s No-Referrer Redirect Gateway

A very simple and lightweight redirect page to avoid your visitors to reveal where they came from.

Demo: https://redirecting.can-i.help/?to=http%3A%2F%2Fcan-i.help%2F
Repository: https://code.can-i.help/luna/luna-noreferrer-redirect


Requires git, docker-compose and a running nginx-proxy.

cd /a_folder_for_your_app
git clone https://code.can-i.help/luna/luna-noreferrer-redirect .
cp .env.template .env
# edit the .env file with whatever editor you rather like
docker-compose up -d # start the service

Then visit $VIRTUAL_HOST after a couple of minutes to see if it’s redirecting well.


Include this script in whatever page you want the links to be redirected (required jQuery to be included earlier on the page):

<script src="https://$VIRTUAL_HOST/redirect.js" id="noref-redirect"></script>

You can use the accept parameter to avoid redirecting specific domains. Domains must be comma separated, and * allows to match all subdomains. Url will be for example https://$VIRTUAL_HOST/redirect.js?accept=*.can-i.help,can-i.help.

You can also add the keep-ref class to whatever links you want not to be protected.


This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. See the LICENSE file.

Issues & Contact:

Please fill any issue in the dedicated section of the official repository. For anything else, please contact Luna at luna@can-i.help.

© 2019 luna@can-i.help